Assurance and transparency in your accounting processes.

Leave the regulatory compliance of your business in the hands of our experts and focus on strategic operations

Verified monthly invoices

Suppliers assisted

Legal entities served


Determination, presentation and payment of taxes. Accounting tax reconciliation. Provisional payments. VAT control.
Annual statement. Coordination and reports for tax opinion. Informative. Payroll tax.
Accounts Payable

Digital reception, validation and custody mailbox. Invoice verification. Payment proposal. Help Desk customer support and training.
Management, reception, validation and custody of electronic payment receipt.
General Accounting

Bank reconciliations. Payroll management. Stock and amortization control. Reconciliation and reports of related parties.
Advance and security deposit control. Bank liabilities. Labor liabilities. Account analysis and debugging.
Accounts Receivable

Billing. Collection application. Analysis, debugging and client reports. Credit management.
Master data management. Issuance and delivery of electronic payment receipt.
Fixed Assets

Project control. Allocation of investment and expenses. Fixed assets registration and deregistration. Capitalization.
Depreciation. Administration and accounting of operating lease.
REPSE Supplier Records Management

Validate that suppliers send documents. Full file assurance. Status notification for blocking or payment to suppliers. Supplier record follow-up.
Compliance with process KPIs. Supplier training.

Main benefits:

Information security and confidentiality.

Management report delivery in due time and manner for key decision makers.

Fiscal, legal and financial regulation update.

Advisory and definition of fiscal and financial strategies.

Leveraging automated systems’ integration through technology.

Effective documentation of processes under high quality standards.

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