Make your payroll process more efficient.

Accuracy, confidentiality and reliability in your process’ execution

We calculate your payroll and payroll derivatives, so you accurately and timely comply with your legal obligations. We provide advice on law changes, its implementation and application.

Payroll administration

Incident reception and processing Ordinary and special payroll operation, such as bonuses, savings funds, OCT, etc. Payroll report generation Preparation of payroll provisions record in accounting
Payroll dispersion report Basic state tax calculation Payroll management on client’s or Alliax’s systems
Managing IMSS and Infonavit obligations

Ensuring the correct IMSS and Infonavit taxation, avoiding unnecessary fines and surcharges. Enrollment and dismissal management, as well as salary modifications through IDSE (IMSS from your company). Settlements of monthly and bi-monthly worker-employer contributions. Advice on fulfilling the requirements issued by IMSS and Infonavit.
Preparation and delivery of annexes of the IMSS and Infonavit ruling. Calculation and review of the integrated daily salary. Conciliation of IMSS and Infonavit issues on payments and payrolls. Withholding control and payment of INFONAVIT credits.
Obligations related to payroll

Application of fiscal criteria related to payroll processes. Normativity criteria. Validation of the calculation of normal or special income tax. Annual Tax Adjustment.
Legal consulting

Specialized consultancy on payroll processes. Payroll law consultancy and interpretation.

Main benefits:

Information security and confidentiality

Extensive experience running more than 60,000 workers’ payroll

We apply best practices when representing different industries

Resource optimization by focusing on your business’ core

Advisory and definition of tax, labor and social security strategies

Application of current tax provisions

Let us capitalize your business goals

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