We make technology work for you

At Alliax, we offer our clients customized technological software development.

We custom design, develop and set in motion powerful apps while eliminating inefficiencies and reducing your projects’ costs.


your processes with specialized software


time, energy and resources to focus on your core


the likelihood of errors


your business’ information

Software development process
under AGILE and LEAN methodologies


Working together to define your company’s requirements, focusing on your objectives and providing additional value.

UX/UI Design

We design the best graphic interface through User Experience and User Interface to satisfy your technological needs.

Quick Prototype

We provide functionality prototypes so you can test and showcase our solutions.


Through an agile methodology, we deliver functionality blocks that are deployed in production environments.

Architecture Design

We identify the elements that will integrate your solution and how they will interact with each other.

We transfer your company’s ideas and designs into a powerful app

We ensure that each function and line of code works appropriately, avoiding possible mistakes.
Operation support

We bolster our service through operation support and technological upkeep of your project.

Let us capitalize your business goals

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