Maximize your operations’ productivity.

We streamline your administrative areas through world class standards

We structure and transform your business through a Shared Services Center set-up.

We unite the best characteristics of a centralized and decentralized workflow.

What you can achieve

  • Better information quality
  • Administrative cost efficiency
  • Expertise and ability concentration
  • Best practices
  • Evaluated and standardized processes
  • Administrative experience transformation

What you will avoid

  • Role and task duplication

  • Technological lag

  • Minimizing unplanned work

  • Slow reaction to change

  • Responsibility opacity

  • Non-compliance risks

SSC Integration Process

Confirm processes and people involved Process visionCurrent situation validationProject risks Global and detailed designGap analysisOrganizationMigration planCommunication planMobilization strategy System developmentProcess implementationANSInfrastructurePersonnel mobilization “To-Be” process assurancePerformance evaluationOrganization bottom line Design SSC operation scheme Standardize SSC processes and configurationBetter practice implementationLaunch Ensure optimal operation of project

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